Airport Ops

Its time you put on your magic tie and use your managerial skills to build the Airport of your dreams. Begin your story by becoming the manager of your own virtual Airport. Build and manage economy by building Terminals , Runways ,Fuel Stations ,Hangars ,Hotels ,Restaurants and Car Parks to get the highest rated Airport and become one of the elite managers . Upgrade your buildings to attract major airliners , airlines come with different type of airplanes. Airport Ops combines your favourite city strategy genre with traffic control , you control which airplanes to land , divert and take off . if you like sim city , tycoon type of games or city building games , this game is definitely for you.
Do you have what it takes to transform a bush Airport to the best Major Airport in the world ?

***Game Objectives***
-Get Airport to 5 star rating
-Complete missions to get rewards
-Upgrade buildings (Terminal, Hotel, Runway, Hangar, Fuel Station , etc.)
-Attract contracts from major Airlines
-Avoid flight delays
-Prevent traffic from crashing
-Unlock achievements
-Get on the elite manager board
-Collect money from Commercial buildings
-Build restaurants , car parks and hotels to get more money
-Different airplane types ( concorde , boeing 747 , mooney bravo , cessna , boeing 737 , douglas DC ,beechcraft king air , etc )
-emergency airplanes
-control ground traffic
-propeller planes , jet planes
-private and commercial airplanes
-sim like style of game play
-plane collisions
-lots of missions to complete
-addictive game play
-free to play game
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