Aircraft Oops Tricks And Tips

Getting Started

How do i upgrade a building

Tap on the building you want to upgrade , an arrow is shown pointing upwards
Tap the arrow and the option to upgrade the building is shown

How to increase approval rating

Upgrade buildings
Finish C.E.O tasks
Finish Levels

How to increase Xp

Upgrade Buildings
Finish tasks
Get Double XP points by landing an airplane while another one is still on the same a runway
Land aircraft too close to each other

How to negotiate a hijack

Pay ransom to the other player
Buy a gun and try shoot him
Wait for them to bomb the airplane and remove it with an emergency vehicle
Land aircraft too close to each other

Airplane Crashes

Crashed aircraft can only be removed by an emergency vehicle
Crashed aircraft affects your approval rating
Vehicle Collision can be stopped by using the shield power up
Land aircraft too close to each other

Airplane Delays

Move aircraft in time to avoid delays
Delaying aicraft results in decrease in approval rating

Ground Traffic Controller

Prevents ground traffic from colliding with aircraft

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