Airport Ops Released

Aircraft Oops has been released on windows . Go get it now

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Welcome to the Airport business. Aircraft Oops is an airport simulation strategy building game brought to you by bHonzo.

You are hired to build your own airport and develop an aircraft landing strategy so that your traffic flow remains consistent thereby avoiding airport mishaps such as fatal crashes, delays, hijackings, etc.

Upgrade buildings to impress the board of directors and earn rewards. Expand your airport to get more Airlines on your airport thereby earning you more money and prestige.

Hire staff
– Lawyer : Hire a lawyer to regain your airport back in the event that you have been fired by the board for messing up too much.
– Hire Security : Hire Security to protect your airport’s aircraft from being hijacked
– Ground Traffic Controllers : Let someone else control your ground traffic .

Help your neighbour’s airports or ask for help from your neighbours. Share resources or help each other to neutralise the hijack.

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