Airport Ops Version 1.36

Whats New? Buildings bHonzo has added 2 new buildings to Airport Ops Game.  You can now dig for your own oil and manufacture your own fuel . The oil and fuel can be sold to other players . Employees You can now hire Ground Control staff to stop planes getting hit by other traffic   […]

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Airport Ops Tips!

You can increase your reputation by making sure the planes depart in time You can only lose an Airline contract if you crash their planes , other airlines rep are not affected Build commercial buildings to earn more money You can skip or decrease the time it takes to build or upgrade or plane task […]

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Airport Ops 3.6

Airport Ops Airport simulation game were you create and manage your airport from scratch . As your airport grows so is the number of Airline contracts you get offered .Each airlines comes with different type of planes / aircraft . Fore more info about the game (click here) Whats New With this version of Airport […]

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Fruity Stash Released

Join Rio in his fruit collection adventure. Help him collect fruits as he travel across many farms. Switch and match fruits to collect them while navigating around radioactive fields, bad fruits and mine fields. Rearrange, move and stash fruits through hundreds of fun puzzling levels. If you enjoy games like Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, you […]

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Airport Ops version 3.5

Airport simulation at its finest . Airport Ops is an airport simulation strategy game where you build or destroy your own airport however you want . Add airliners to get the best aircraft / planes to your airport . Manage the chaos of controlling air and ground traffic avoiding jams and crashes . Maintain a […]

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Sky Control 1.1 update

Sky Control 1.1 Update Finally we have a new power station in Sky Control . Sky Control 1.1 game comes with new buildings including a Nuclear Station . The Nuclear station power plant will provide the user’s virtual airport with plenty of power than any other power station . This is good for minimising airport […]

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Airport Ops

Airport Ops | Game Development Lessons Whats is it ? Airport Ops is an airport simulation game , the first game we ever developed .The point of the game is to build and grow your airport to a 5 star rating . Rating is based on the buildings you have and also the reputation you […]

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Hello world! 1st blog ever

Hello world ! . Today we have decided to start blogging about our journey as we build apps . These blogs will be about the development of games , applications or web applications , depending on what we will be developing at the time .

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